Naturals 8 Inch Cock

Naturals 8 Inch Cock
Item# naturals-8-inch-coc8

Product Description

Love it real? , this 8 inch cock looks and feels so much like a real penis, you might actually do a double take. The SilAgel material is a soft jelly rubber that actually warms to the touch like real skin, and it's super-flexible so the cock moves and bends with you. The raised veins and incredibly detailed head and balls adds to the illusion of reality, while the base is flat, and so can be placed on a flat surface and be used almost hands free. This dildo is compatible with an O-ring type harness. SilAgel is latex and cadmium free, as well as anti-bacterial and non-toxic for your health. Always use a rubber-compatible lube with your Naturals Cock, and enjoy!


Length - 9" Material - Naturals jelly rubber Special features - Realistic design, natural feel, latex-free, O-ring harness compatible Color - White flesh